ANGARAI provides roadmaps and strategic services that are efficient and effective, meets the goals and objectives, and stands the test of all Government compliances.

The services, policies and research provided by public sector health and human services organizations play a key role, especially at this very critical time, in protecting and improving the health and human condition of the U.S. population. Healthcare reform, as manifested in the Affordable Care Act (ACA), has taken center stage and presents new challenges for stakeholders who are tasked with implementing the associated policies, tools and monitoring systems at all levels of government and for private sector stakeholders who must do the same. Similarly, there are also challenges to stakeholders who must implement human services policies, tools and monitoring systems at all levels of Government but particularly at the State and Local level with ever limited resources. The economic implications for and influence in the economy for how and with what efficiency health and human services are delivered are enormous.

Health and Human Services organizations can't solve these challenges by themselves especially when faced with limited resources. For over 9 years, ANGARAI has assisted health and human services organizations in addressing their challenges and meeting their objectives and goals. Our experienced staff of professionals has assisted public sector entities in identifying and prioritizing organizational challenges; analyzing and determining the best managerial and technical solutions; and, lastly providing sound and tailored approaches for implementing the associated organizational changes.

ANGARAI has actively assisted our health and human services clients in a variety of ways including providing enterprise-level key project management expertise to a program management office (PMO) in support of organizational initiatives; enlisting subject matter experts (SMEs) on an as-needed or regular basis; independent verification & validation support; quality assurance & quality control; management consulting; program integrity; and, other vital managerial and technical services. Our collaborative and structured approach, honed from lessons learned with our clients and best practices, lends to addressing stakeholder objectives and needs and ensuring communications between affected individuals and teams.