Recent economic and political conditions have forced public sector organizations to re-examine and refine their management practices, workforce processes and business tools.

Recent economic and political conditions have forced public sector organizations to re-examine and refine their management practices, workforce processes and business tools for efficiency, effectiveness, transparency and accountability.

ANGARAI has assisted public sector organizations that struggle with a variety of managerial and technical challenges by using a tailored, focused approach that applies lessons learned and proven expertise. This approach is implemented in consideration of and with sensitivity to organizational factors such as strategic and operational objectives, organization effectiveness, asset management, performance management, and IT planning and integration. Our methodology is tailored to each engagement and includes, for example, assessment tools such as business need analysis and needs assessment and decision making client deliverables such as white papers and technical studies.

Organizations are faced with a variety of stakeholders, each with associated goals and objectives. What can sometimes get lost in attempts to meet these varied goals and objectives is the mission of the organization and the associated tool or tools that best meets the mission of the organization through its end users. The business needs analysis provides a salient framework to capture and hone the needs and requirements of the end user that will translate into a viable system design. ANGARAI has assisted organizations in developing business needs analyses that validates the user needs and requirements that builds a bridge from the business case to the design. These user needs and requirements are examined for tradeoff (where applicable), merit, design and implementation impact, and compatibility along with other factors.

It is important to first understand a client's current condition to derive an understanding of the "gap" to get to the desired condition or state. This gap is where ANGARAI can focus to provide the client necessary assistance to improve performance or to correct a deficiency whether the gap is manifested in resources, processes or tools. By gathering the appropriate needs assessment data, ANGARAI can properly respond to prioritized challenges that the client has grappled with and have hindered organizational success.

Identifying a consultant partner that can effectively perform a useful gap analysis is key consideration. ANGARAI has assisted a variety of clients in improving performance and correcting organizational deficiencies. ANGARAI's client successes are rooted in competent and experienced consultants, effective application of lessons learned and adherence to proven guidelines, methodologies and approaches that bolster the gap analysis process.

A white paper or technical study can be effective tools during an engagement to provide a client or consultant team with the requisite information to address a problem or to make a definitive decision. An effective whitepaper frames the issues or problems at hand; organizes options and considerations; gives comparative analysis from the identified options/considerations; and, provides a summary or conclusion from which to base a decision. ANGARAI leverages white papers in assisting clients in making informed decisions during an engagement.

Many public sector clients are balancing day-to-day operational concerns while simultaneously trying to address identifying, sourcing, and procuring new products and services to maintain and enhance their organizations and customers. The complexities of diminished resources, varied stakeholder requirements, rapid changes in technology and organizational dynamics creates additional challenges for public sector organizations to, at a minimum, maintain existing service levels.

ANGARAI's structured and proven approach coupled with an experienced staff that understands acquisition and program management allows public sector clients to primarily focus on their day-to-day operations. We pride ourselves on first understanding the client organization first in terms of its operations, capabilities, stakeholders, existing systems and technologies, guidelines, anticipated future needs, among other relevant areas. ANGARAI's framework is flexible, collaborative and comprehensive to ensure the client obtains the appropriate products and services that integrates into their current environment and meets their stakeholders' current and future needs with minimal risk, schedule and budget impact.

Sensitivity to the integration of people, technology and processes is a key element in ANGARAI acquisition and program management support framework and overlays all steps in the acquisition process from requirements research/collation, level of effort determination, procurement document development through to vendor evaluation/selection and subsequent contract award. Our objective is to effectively assist clients in reasonably obtaining the best overall total-value and quality of service that is functional, sustainable, and viable.