To integrate public sector organizational efficacy with the right competencies, a foundation of partnering relationships built on trusted, proven and demonstrated capabilities is the right way.

With the ever changing dynamics and demands of the evolving business environment locally and globally, government agencies are compelled to have a 360º viewpoint to discover the means to free their potential and deliver better value and cost effective solutions in public responsibilities. To have a robust and nimble operation that justifies visionary community and nation building needs trusted partners and trusted advisories. ANGARAI identifies sources of organizational discontinuity with aspects of organization's knowledge capital, technologies, globalization and cultural pluralism. Our demonstrated capabilities are in facilitating management in defining its purpose, evolving organization vision and clarifying its values and mission.

ANGARAI helps organizations analyze the interdependencies among existing programs and processes, and recommend the order in which change should occur. What gets done is what gets watched, measured and analyzed effectively. ANGARAI approaches the formulation of road maps as strategic and tactical. The formation and implementation of roadmaps is an on-going and integrated process requiring continuous reassessment and reformation. Using techniques like scenario planning to deal with change, ANGARAI's organization change management models guides the customers to discover and actualize the desired differential value.
Enterprise architecture planning is the process of defining architecture for the use of information in support of the business and the plan for implementing them by helping information sharing across the organization, tracking performance and minimizing overall costs. It approaches the business processes plan, develops the IT plan or the applications plan to formulate a plan to better align business with information technology. ANGARAI's pragmatic enterprise architecture planning provides a context and a scope that defines what needs to be done and when the framework will be implemented by identifying gaps between "AS IS" and "TO BE" states, recommending the process of sequencing plans to bridge the gaps.
The consulting paradigm of ANGARAI is centered on translating an organization's vision into operational goals and realizing them. Using the balance scorecard approach embedded in ANGARAI's holistic model, we help evolve the strategic performance management tool where the focus is primarily on whether current performance 'meets expectations'. The starting point is linking the vision to individual performance by identifying a small number of financial and non-financial measures and attaching targets to them. ANGARAI's demonstrated capabilities is in designing processes that can be used to fit within broader thinking about how the resulting Balanced Scorecard would integrate with the wider business management process.
Government agencies are always challenged to uphold its ability to build a community with a personality, vision, and purpose. This draws on cohesion and identity creation and the ability to build relationships with conservative financing. ANGARAI's structured framework integrates the process of diagnosis, holistic transformation and Organization health audit. ANGARAI's value proposition has always been its demonstrated strength in bringing in the best SMEs and practitioners to provide organization development solutions.
Knowledge management efforts typically focus on organizational objectives such as improved performance, competitive advantage, innovation, the sharing of lessons learned, integration and continuous improvement of the organization. ANGARAI assists its client in building Employee communication strategies and collaborative environments such as communities of practice or the use of social computing tools that can be used for both knowledge creation and transfer.