ANGARAI is able to synthesize and bring in the latest and greatest in policy changes, in thought processes and in best practices.

ANGARAI internalizes the pulse of its customers – Federal, State, Local and Quasi

Being the custodians of public resources and tax payer dollars, the responsibility of what, where and how the money is utilized is a primary concern and focus of any Government agency. It is also commonly perceived that there is a lot of wastage in the Government and when committed and experienced employees exit the system, a vacuum or deterioration occurs in the level of efficiency and accountability. Hence there is a fundamental obligation for the Government to be sensitive to the funds and how it is spent and managed. The challenge for government agencies is to accomplish more with the given budget constraints in shorter timeframes. This is combined with many other critical challenges.

As per statistical projections of a large work group retiring in the next 20 years, government agencies need to plan for the inevitable vacuum of intellectual pool for management of those jobs. Additionally, the ever changing dynamic mandatory governance, compliance and policy issues all add up to pose challenges on how to make these organizations and these objectives work.

There are other situations that characterize impact that typically needs orientation and management at multiple levels. Many decisions made at the Federal level, could trickle down to the state and local level for projects funded by the Federal department with specific objectives, needs and methods of management.

Given all this, the biggest vacuum is to introduce efficiency and effectiveness in the Government. The primary reason for this again is unlike with Private Industry where the driver is profitability and earnings per share, for Government, the driver is the value that it provides to the society and community that it serves. In other words it is essentially the impact that it can have holistically on the community or social landscape. This requires a public sector holistic mindset of value creation to come up with programs for a larger good and implementation strategies that is beneficial to the society.

When new programs are proposed and conceptualized, like the Federal Government coming forward to stimulate the economy, there is a critical need to understand, internalize, strategize and implement those programs with a clear focus on the outcome. When the trickle down of responsibilities are distributed across state and local agencies, reporting structures and performance management criteria are required to be established for connectedness and effectiveness. The areas of greatest challenge also come from how to solicit and win public trust; manage conflict resolution and prioritizing intra and inter-governmental activities.

Understanding and internalizing the pulse of such a responsibility has been ANGARAI'S demonstrated success to be that trusted advisor and player at the Federal, State and Local level. With a 360 degree viewpoint in policy, implementation, technology, monitoring and oversight models ANGARAI'S demonstrated focus and bandwidth has been to provide a roadmap that is efficient and effective, meets the goals and objectives and stands the test of all Government compliances.

Being involved in various entities of the Government levels, Private Sector Corporation globally, international industry associations, academic institutions worldwide, international standards and certification bodies; ANGARAI is able to synthesize and bring in the latest and greatest in policy changes, the latest and greatest in thought processes and the latest and greatest in best practices.