Understanding the pulse of such a responsibility has been ANGARAI's demonstrated success to be that trusted advisor and player at the Federal, State and Local level.

Transportation and Infrastructure is a very critical component of a social life not only from the governmental policies and structures perspective, but from the standpoint of public mobility and freedom. Public transportation creates the ability for people and goods to move effectively from one place to another, whether it is the high roads, or rail or buses or shuttle service, ports, airports. All modal capabilities and infrastructure are critical to the vitality of a nation.

America is faced with an aged infrastructure which may lead to public safety issues, congestion, unreliable systems and negative environment impacts. Our mobility and accessibility through multiple modes is essential to economic viability/growth, environmental conditions, communities and national stability. Just as important, sustainability is critical to the health of the future. Sustainable projects are expanding and focused in the area of mixed use development, rail, transit as well as pedestrian transportation projects. Policy direction and grants initiated by the Government are aimed at meeting new needs, upkeep, build up, maintenance and sustainability in this domain.

ANGARAI's experience with the Transportation and Infrastructure domain for capital planning, implementation, maintenance operation at the program and project management level, performance and outcome based systems/processes; infrastructure operational management and accountability measurement structures, have increased agency productivity, performance, project/product delivery, increased innovation, as well as operational efficiencies for the customers we have serviced. ANGARAI is well positioned with the requisite skill sets and experience to assist government entities implement data driven approaches toward operational, program and project success. ANGARAI has been lauded by its customers for designing and implementing strategies which result in maximization of resources, creation of thorough, efficient and effective initiatives in Federal, State and Local agencies. Our portfolio of transportation work has contributed to the viability and effectiveness of our public agency clients.