At ANGARAI, we look closely at a range of dynamic factors that influence change in organizations from initiatives for programs & strategies for expansion.

At ANGARAI, we look closely at a range of dynamic factors that influence change in organizations from initiatives for programs & strategies for expansion, mergers & acquisitions, enterprise wide asset and technology resource planning and implementation, divisional initiatives, quality improvements, aging human capital, shrinking talent, changing work force, demographic trends, unpredictable change of market conditions, economic and political trends, evaluation of jobs from defined duties and roles, valuable delivery of services, and need to optimize return on investment better and faster.

Assessment of the impact of organization decisions and effectiveness of organization processes is done with intelligent diagnostics. Institutionalizing the process of conducting diagnostics as a practice is central to the ANGARAI process of engaging client systems in their first steps to self-empowerment. ANGARAI follows a strategic and holistic business diagnostics approach that integrates organization systems, human and behavioral factors. The diagnostics methodology aims at moving away from looking at human interventions in isolation to exploring the interactions of people and functions in the business context in which they operate. The methodology is designed to bring forth clarity through appropriate problem solving tools, collaborative techniques and enhanced decision making capabilities.
Changing human capital resource pool, vacancies and management strategies of organizations affect staffing in significant ways. ANGARAI's skill sets assessment and work force analytics helps organizations build and shape their resource pool so that their workforce is readily prepared to effectively implement the organizations 'strategic objectives.. ANGARAI skill sets assessment planning provides realistic sourcing and staffing projections for budget purposes and provides a clear rationale for linking expenditures for training and retraining, employee development, career planning and recruiting efforts. ANGARAI helps government agencies to prepare for restricting, reducing, or expanding its human capital.
Organization capability assessment is the analysis process to determine how integration of organization capabilities and the development of effective systems in the organization can be achieved. ANGARAI provides recommendations on capability and capacity risk and priority areas, and other appropriate forums for consideration in capability attribute development and the prioritization of capabilities. The ANGARAI framework incorporates capabilities assessment to provide the basis for the organization's guidance and policies that support capabilities-based planning for alignment of business and organization context with respect to mission, goals, strategy and initiatives.
Staffing increases or decreases coupled with strategic shifts have impacted government agencies and their ability to meet their associated mission. Automation, technology and innovation create changes in implementation processes and organization workflow. Inconsistent, fragmented, and inefficient communication of new changes can present ambiguity and miscommunication in an organization. ANGARAI's demonstrated capabilities help agencies plan, execute and manage the process of organization re-structures.
The ANGARAI training need analysis model is used to identify problems in the client environment and to determine if training is the proper approach in correcting the problems. The analysis is conducted through observations, interviews, questionnaires, elicitation of job description, difficulty analysis, problem solving conferences and appraisal reviews. The objective of the analysis is not focused on "training" as an end in itself. The emphasis is on understanding gaps between the current and the desired agency performance quality. The need analysis is usually the first step taken to effect a change. ANGARAI's holistic framework uses TNA to provide the information that can lead to solutions focusing on the areas of greatest need. ANGARAI encourages administration of needs analysis to its customers at regular intervals to bring objectivity, balance and value creation by seeking out alternate methods that are appropriate and cost-effective.