ANGARAI is involved in various entities of the Government, Private Sector, industry associations, academic institutions, international standards and certification bodies

ANGARAI provides strategic and tactical support to national security clients in a growing number of areas that complement ANGARAI's expertise in the areas of PMCE, oversight and organization change management. ANGARAI's projects range from strategic planning, enterprise planning, program management and quality compliance. As a trusted advisor and collaborative partner ANGARAI's models and processes focus on helping national security clients identify and guide management solutions that contribute to organization and mission success.

The need for national security is a continuum influenced by the changing dynamic nature of domestic and global threats. Being the leader of the world in many respects for many decades, the defense and security of USA is very critical and important to its own citizens and to its allies around the world. Homeland Security presents a complex, and ever-changing set of challenges to leaders at all levels of government. Terrorist attacks and natural disasters have the potential to touch the lives of all our citizens. In addition to an important responsibility of protecting its allies, preventing a potential threat to the American assets worldwide and in the US becomes critical to its overall vision. It is important to look at the US defense and security from this perspective.

ANGARAI offers biz transformation, project management, oversight, best practices and collaborative skills to help make defense and security organizations become nimble and efficient. ANGARAI utilizes its internally developed and tested holistic processes to support critical application implementation within government departments. ANGARAI, through it consulting practices has supported National Security clients in their effort on organization transformation support, acquisition management services, program management and enterprise architecture.