ANGARAI definitely fosters and embraces both inter & intra organizational virtuous circle collaboration with deep values & integrity towards business problems, issues, goals...

ANGARAI offers a broad array of opportunities ranging from applied program and project management services, program integrity solutions, organization change management services, oversight and quality assurance/quality control consulting, construction management services, technical studies, white paper publishing, field work, enterprise wide technology solutions, business development, SME, management advisory services and proposal writing capabilities.

The company reflects a creative and dynamic workplace through its ethnically diverse workforce and the many different educational and professional backgrounds that staff brings to the organization. We take pride in hiring qualified staff that has educational and experiential backgrounds in fields such as engineering, management, law, technology, academia, research, government and private industry practice. Our staff demonstrates a remarkable level of passion and loyalty to the company. This comes primarily from an inclusive way of life where individual, organizational and social sustainability is encouraged as a collective responsibility.

As the company grows, many exciting opportunities will become available that will only further serve to diversify the workforce and expand the number of people who take pride in calling themselves "TEAM ANGARAI".

We firmly believe that our organization's greatest asset is our human resource pool and have tremendous faith in them. Ours is a very employee friendly organization fostering an open culture to nourish creativity, growth prospects, and mutual respect & trust.

Our employee oriented policies include employee professional development plan (PDP); membership for business related one professional organization – such as PMI, ITSMF; business related employee trainings & seminars; green policy to encourage public transportation; excellent benefit packages; annual holiday dinner Event; annual summer outing; sponsored business related optional practical internships for graduate and foreign students.